Teagan Byrne

Just A Small Town Girl




  • Bad Ass, Smart Ass, Great Ass
  • I Majored In Communication, Damnit!
  • Bullshit Detector


  • “What the FUCK is THAT THING!?!?!?!”
  • Hot-Headed and Stubborn


Good skills (+3)

  • Mixologist
  • Macgyver

Fair Skills (+2)

  • Cooking
  • Dodge
  • Perception

Average Skills (+1)

  • Will
  • Bar Fight
  • Seduction
  • Subterfuge


  • Improvised Weapon
    • You are quick to notice objects that can be used as weapons in a fight such as a bottle or a chair. Add +2 to Bar Fight Rolls.
  • Indomitable
    • +2 to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.
  • Body Language Reader
    • You can use Perception to add a +2 to Perception checks when cold reading other people.
  • Slippery Target
    • Provided you’re in darkness or shadow, you can use Subterfuge to defend against Shoot attacks from enemies that are at least one zone away.

Teagan Ashling Byrne was born in the small town of Manchester, VT. For the majority of her life, things were fairly normal. Around high school, she found the need to stand out from the everyday crowd and started becoming an “alt girl”, sourcing most of her change based off of magazines.
Around Sophomore year, Teagan started to go out with Bradley “Brad” Mitchell. Their relationship seemed to be written right out of a book. On the day of graduation, Brad proposed to Teagan in front of the entire school.
Out of high school, Teagan studied Communications and got her associates online. Brad and her moved in together within 6 months of being engaged. At first, it was a scandal in the little town, but within a few months something else came up for the town hens to chirp about and it all blew over.
Years went by. Brad never finished college and Teagan didn’t go on past her associates. When the talk about setting a date for the wedding came up, Brad would always have a reason to put it off. Sometimes it was because he had a new “Big Plan” to get them out of their little apartment on the second floor of Dorset Village Appartments. Other times it was because something just “wasn’t right” about the timing of it all. After a while, Teagan just learned not to ask and figured it will happen when it happens, though her mother would bring it up every Thanksgiving and Christmas, and on Easter ask if they were thinking about starting a family anyways.

One night, a few weeks after Teagan’s 28th Birthday, her mom asked her to come over. Teagan was welcomed with tea and cookies. Suspicious of the situation she pushed her mom to get to the point of the conversation. Mrs. Byrne revealed that she had found out that Brad had been having an affair… with half the town (including Anthony). Teagan did not take it well. She got home and Brad wasn’t there. There was a note on the table saying that a friend had called him over and he would be back in the morning. Teagan broke and destroyed their apartment. She threw everything that she considered his either out of the window or against the wall. Somebody must have called Brad because he came in halfway through. Upon this, she started to throw things at him chasing him out and back into his car for shelter. Teagan threw everything she could of hers into suitcases and threw them into the back of her truck. She stopped by her parent’s house long enough to say goodbye (Her mother was in the back and her father told her to leave before her mom could stop her).

Her plan was to go to Quebec, Canada. Her father told her to find her Uncle Niels, a family friend that Teagan had known her entire life. Teagan didn’t look back. She drove, only stopping for gas and customs until she arrived at Niels Thatcher’s house.

Teagan Byrne

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